Who is Perdita?

Marged Brice keeps reminding Garth that this is what he originally asked her.

NOT how old are you?

NOT who did you choose: George or Andrew?

Marged will not play Atropos (see “Mythology”) for Garth and sever her story with a neat ending. Instead she leaves Garth with a set of questions and answers that do not align into a neatly structured narrative. In some ways, Garth is left with both a literal and metaphorical Perdita: not only a bundle of loose ends, but also an entanglement of the possibility of the four kinds of love.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.33.27 PMIs Perdita, then, about loose ends, lost threads, and unresolved questions? How does a person go into the future on the basis of incomplete information? Especially a future involving risk and uncertainty?
Certainly such is Garth’s situation.
Are loose ends, then, and the kinds of things they demand of us, also part of being human?
Is it “love” that should guide our hopes and choices? If so, what kinds of love?
It seems that Marged Brice’s coming of age in the late 1890s involved these questions. They were ones that shaped her life.

Strangely enough, the questions themselves are perhaps part of being mortal…brought to the human in a child’s bundle of loose ends…an on-going and unfinished conversation between the past and the present…a dialogue we are all invited into…if we choose to take the risk….

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