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Marged Brice is 134 years old. She’d be ready to go, if it weren’t for Perdita…
A lighthouse’s single eye keeps watch over storm and calm, and Marged grows up in its shadow, learning the language of the wind and the trees. There’s blustery beauty there, where sea and sky incite each other to mischief…or worse…
Garth Hellyer of the Longevity Project doesn’t believe Marged was a girl coming of age in the 1890s, but reading her diaries in the same wild and unpredictable location where she wrote them might be enough to cast doubt on his common sense.
“Scharper shines in this surprising and engaging gothic novel… Impeccably researched and beautifully told, this is a tale that will stay with readers long after the final page is turned.” —Publishers Weekly | B&N |IndieBound | Sourcebooks |
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Dream Dresses 

A low-cut, little black dress for the open-casket wake of an  80-year-old woman? • Valerie’s husband asks her to drop 25 lbs of postpartum weight for a gala event that is likely to lead to a promotion. • Clara’s two new high school “friendz” want to porn-pose her to secure a boyfriend. • And more….
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2 Comments on “Perdita…

  1. Un livre incroyable, un suspense toujours renouvelé Merci de m’avoir offert d’aussi beau moments Mme Scharper

  2. My maternal great grand father was Charles Webster, the third light keeper at Cabot Head from 1898 to 1906. I believe that your character, dressed in her apron at the door of the summer kitchen at Cabot Head was the spouse of Charles.

    I received a copy of your novel whilst working as the assistant light keeper at Canot Head. Since my retirement, approximately 10 years ago, this weekly sojourn has been a welcome break from my routine.

    I shall enjoy reading your work of fiction. If I may be of any assistance, please, do not hesitate to ask.

    Finally, I would like to share your work with others. If I were to buy your book at Amazon and supply a prepaid package, would you be willing to autograph copies of your book for friends and members of my family?

    All things bright – Douglas Sylvester

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