Hilary Scharper is a Canadian novelist. Her current writing project is a two-volume tale unfolding in the haunted (and haunting) landscapes of the Great Lakes and their remote, 19th-century lighthouses.

• The first novel, “Perdita,” takes place on the northern Bruce Peninsula at a lighthouse on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron), and tells the tale of a woman purported to be the world’s oldest living person. A ghostly, gothic-hybrid—a child seemingly drowned in an 1898 shipwreck—shadows the boundary between life and death, and impedes the allegedly 134-year-old Marged Brice from passing on.

• A second novel, “Lonely Island,” is forthcoming.

Much of Hilary’s fiction falls within the “Ecogothic,” a newly-minted sub genre of the Gothic tradition and a literary form embracing the wide range of feelings humans have toward the natural world, including emotions of love and awe as well as fear, alienation, and ambivalence. 

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